How to play online blackjack | Your ultimate guide

There has been a great change in the world currently with very little going on in terms of sports, and in some cases when the players hit the ground the seats are empty. For punters, the rulers also have changed with fewer options on sports betting. Nevertheless, with online casinos available, there are massive opportunities for money to be made. Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games featuring tones of promotions and free money. However, without proper knowledge betting on this option may not be as profitable as it is set out to be. Learn the art of playing blackjack with our piece.

Understanding blackjack basics

Game variations

As aforementioned blackjack is a popularized online casino game. However, what should also be noted is the fact that there exist different variations of basic regulations. Most blackjack gambling advisory articles deal with standard blackjack, but it is significant what type of game you are playing thus the expected outcomes considering Double Exposure, Blackjack Switch, Progressive Blackjack, and Perfect Pairs seem to give the house a higher chance advantage

Making Bets

After finding a table so to speak the first step when playing online blackjack is to know how much you are staking. A majority of online casinos will set their amounts at $1, $5, $25 and $100. After you are satisfied with your stake, click on the ‘Deal’ icon or button, and receive your cards.

Playing your Hand

After the cards are dealt you are offered with three options; Hit, Stand, and Double Down; in the instance, you have a pair you can opt to split them. After analysis hit the button of choice; you and the dealer will receive extra cards.

  • Hit

In the instance that dealt cards have a low total your best bet is to hit meaning you wish to have an extra card. Players are allowed to hit as many times as they deem necessary.

  • Stand

In the instance that you are ok with the first couple of cards offered you will bet on stand meaning that you don’t want any more cards.

  • Double Down

If the getting gets better you will wish to double down meaning that you put up a bet similar to the initial wager while receiving only one card that reduces your chance of maintaining a strong hand against the dealer.

  • Split

As aforementioned if the case where the first two cards are a pair, you are allowed to split them into two bets where you stake a similar amount to cover the second hand. You will then receive two cards that play out in accordance with the initial rules.

Depending on the outcome at the end of the hand you will either walk away richer and happier or poorer and regretful. You can choose to re-bet with either a new amount or the same as the first hand.

Strategies to Leverage on

Considering that blackjack is a game of counting cards, unlike baccarat or in roulette it does not have a house edge making it advantageous for players to have a strategy. An inexperienced player traditionally mistakes the house to edge down and in the process they lose money. Always play practice hands to make sure your strategy works. For example, always Split Aces and Eights. When you are dealt with a pair of aces or a pair of eights, its best to always split them. The worst hand in blackjack is a 16 splitting ace gives you the opportunity of hitting two naturals which is a strong hand. On the other hand, never split face cards since it is impossible to get a better hand than a 20.

Starting slow and easy

blackjack online

In case you are a novice gambler to playing online blackjack the first recommendation is, start slow. Betting high stacks may be a great incentive to win big, but with no experience it could mean big losses. At the very least you have to understand the fundamentals of the game thus not be one of those players who hit the table splitting cards in disregard to the dealer’s hand. Before setting a bet study and virtually apply your strategy to make sure you aren’t hemorrhaging money you are in the business of making money not losing it on every hand.


Blackjack is a game of numbers and in case you are a beginner you ought to know the values of each card Ace’s (A) is an 11, while Jacks (J), Kings (K), Queens (Q) all have a value of 10. There are four suits of these cards in a deck, time to beat the dealers and earn your money.


The primary reason you are staking your hard-earned money on any bet is to get winnings for the risk taken. When it comes to blackjack you ought to know that payout at a rate of 3:2 or 6:5. Before you get confused let me give you an example and how it affects your earing. Casino Z’s pay rate is 3:2 while Casino y’s rate is 6:5, therefore, when a punter bets $10 in casino Z he or she stands to win $15 per hand. On the other hand, the winnings on a similar stake in casino Y stands at $12. On the get-go, it is clear that at a rate of 3:2 you stand to earn more.

Get Help Should Need Arise

Even the best of the best find themselves in a jam and a bit of help goes a long way to keep your money with you or win. Playing online blackjack may be a straight forward issue and making money on this platform may look like a walk in the pack up until your balance is unattractive. For instance, new punters are traditionally confused by the worth of each dealt card, the rules for each different type of blackjack options (six-deck, single deck, double deck, and perfect Paris Blackjack game), and how to win. With this in mind, different strategies mean different results an aspect that underlines the importance of asking for help.

Ready to play online blackjack? We hope our rudimentary guide above will be of great help in your pursuit to win some real money as you enjoy playing your cards.

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