Online Bingo vs Bingo Halls: Which is best for me?

As a leisure pursuit, bingo halls have been around since the early ’60s and have continued to serve millions of people ever since. Similar to any other industry, the internet age has taken the gambling industry by storm, and bingo halls have experienced a major revolution. Today, online bingo games are a reality featuring every hallmark of the traditional bingo halls and are becoming popular for modern age punters. The big question however is, which is the best for me?

To get the right answer to this, we will compare the two in relation to several key points that will point you in the right direction. Tag along!

Strategic elements which determine the choice you make.


It goes without saying that this is the most obvious difference between bingo halls and online bingo. Bingo halls happen at a dedicated location for instance, Halls or other venues for smaller competitions. On the other hand, you can play online bingo from any place of your choosing provided you have a reliable internet connection and a mobile device or a laptop. Don’t be surprised to find punters engrossed on their phones on the subway playing online bingo.


Originally, bingo was designed and founded on the low-cost game for all mantra, since it was played on physical locations it was easily achievable. Brick and mortar halls make social interaction possible and a great way of meeting new people and creating new connections.  However, the advent of the online platform has made the communal part of the game rather difficult to achieve. Online bingo is mitigating this challenge by creating online chatrooms that encourage the primary social nature on which the game was built on. Chatrooms can be a fun place to meet get new acquaintances and discuss strategy among other things. Online bingo is now almost as interactive as bingo halls but the overall experience and excitement in traditional halls are unmatched.


Another significant difference between halls and online bingo is the schedules they follow. Due to their static or physical nature, halls have a specific schedule they follow with regards to games and their timeline. In essence, with halls, you can make weekly arrangements that you will follow. You will always have something to look forward to. Online bingo is available all day every day. This flexibility will allow you to customize your routine depending on how busy your schedule is. If you are busy during the day, you might schedule your gaming activity at night!

Speed and efficiency

Online bingo is built for speed and efficiency in every aspect. On the other hand, halls are entirely for the experience. Right from purchasing tickets, the gameplay, and cashing out winnings, online bingo is fast. Bingo halls are generally slower because of the heavy reliance on the human resource which is subject to elements like fatigue, distraction among many others. On the contrary, online bingo makes use of automated systems that are quick and more efficient. A good example is, in halls, the bingo operator calls a number every 10 seconds while on the online bingo, the virtual caller puts a new number every 3 seconds. Online bingo process wins instantaneously and is verified by the system, therefore, eliminating the need to stop the play as is witnessed in the bingo halls.

Overall cost

Bingo halls usually require a lot more as compared to online bingo. These additional costs are usually to carter for tickets, food, or drinks. Also the overall cost of running a bingo hall is relatively high hence the additional amounts. As a result, the overall amount spent at a hall is relatively higher as compared to the online space.  Some could argue that the prizes at the hall could be larger, but you should keep in mind that you might engage in more games with the additional cost on the online platform. Another additional advantage that is exclusive on the online platform is free games. Most online bingo platforms offer free games for new users for a limited time.

Winning and cashing out

With bingo halls, once you win on any given game, you get your price immediately and with no delays. Although some of the prizes are not in monetary form but rather physical presents. On the flip side, cashing out and withdrawal on the online bingo platform is dependent on the mode of payment. There are some modes of payment that generally take longer to withdraw your proceeds than others. A good example is direct bank transfer takes 3 to 4 days longer for your payment to process as compared to e-wallet options.


Variety is informed by the difference of culture in both online bingo and bingo halls. As aforementioned, bingo halls are built for cheap games for the community. As a result, there are only two common variations of the game: 90 ball bingo and the 75 ball bingo. These two variations are the perfect combination of speed and entertainment in that players will get value for their money. Online bingo has rather a different culture altogether. Players simply want to get in and out of action, this allows them to engage in as many games as possible. This contrast in culture has made it possible for the online platform to come up with other shorter variations of the games including the 50 and 30 ball bingo in addition to the present two. Online bingo also has other games similar to the bingo which gives players more options.

Which way for me?

If you are a fan of bingo games, then you essentially have two ways to catch a round or two of your favorite game. By now you have known the major differences between the two platforms. If you are still having a hard time on which way to go, the rule of thumb is that you should always choose according to your schedule. While online bingo is fast and available all through, you should also take time and walk to the hall near you, catch up with your friends and have a good time.