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In most of the poker games available online, rules are usually similar to traditional physical casinos. It is the wish of every punter to always come out on top in any poker match they engage in. However, this is usually easier said than done. There is a tone of poker dynamics that go into the strategy where only an experienced player can take full advantage of. One of those dynamics is the starting hand, if you are new to poker, a hand is simply the cards held in a poker game. This post is going to focus on some of the best starting hands to play in the famous Texas Holdem poker.

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Is a starting hand simply enough?

Having an understanding of poker hands is one of the most fundamental poker strategies that you ought to learn simply because this is where all the action begins. Mastery of hands will determine when you can play or fold. Even the most experienced players reckon the fact that every hand could be a winner and in equal measure, a looser too. Remember only a handful of hands are strong enough to continue beyond the pre-flop. While knowledge of the starting hand is fundamental, other factors like your sitting position play a significant role in how you perform generally. The later it is your turn to play the better you will know how exactly to act. What I mean is that every decision made by players before you will give you insight on how aggressive you ought to be on the pre-flop. This should never be overlooked because you are likely to have a slight edge over your competitors. As a beginner it is always advisable to stick to the basics. Always remember to raise with big hands on the initial stage of the play and as you progress to the late positions increase the hands. Lastly, focus on raising as opposed to calling, calling makes you vulnerable, and invites your opponents to the pot while raising could easily win you the pot.

Recommendation: The best starting hands

Just like any other thing in poker, the advice is relative depending on your type of play and also skill level. Nonetheless, here are some of the best starting hands in Texas Holdem, and hopefully they will be good for you.

  1.  Ace-Ace

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It is no secret that a good starting hand should be able to proceed to any position, whether early, middle or late position. Better referred to as “bullets” or “pocket rockets” this is arguably the best starting hand you could have. In addition to being a strong pre-flop favorite, this hand is a 4:1 favorite against any other two hands. Keep in mind that be dealt pocket aces once every 221 hands on average. One downside to this hand is that it does well with fewer opponents as others enter the pot, your chances of winning significantly reduces.

  1.  Pocket kings

This is the second-best hand you could ask for if not the pocket rockets. Often referred to as the king kong or the cowboys, this hand does well with any other hand except the aces. You are likely to get your money on preflop as not so many other hands are a favorite against the pocket kings. Always keep in mind that this hand wins over a hand with one ace just over 70% of the time.

  1.  Pocket queens

Yeah you are dealt with queens, no worries, you ought to be comfortable with this hand because it does well against the tens and jacks. While it is a great hand, you will want to play it prior to the preflop. Do not be surprised if you encounter many other opponents putting their money on weaker hands.

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  1.  Ace king suited

Easy on the eyes, you could easily fall in love with this hand. Despite the appealing aesthetics, this is a top contender in the battle of the best starting hands in Texas Holdem. This hand however, does not win as many times as the predecessors but is in no way a weak hand, with winnings against the pocket pairs (with the exception of kings and aces) half of the time. Keep in mind that the flop needs to work for you to get either a pair of aces or kings.

  1.  Pocket jacks

Better known as “hooks” or “fishhooks”, this hand is indeed on our top five best hands you could start with. Despite being a huge underdog when compared to the aces, queens, kings, and the ace-king suited, this hand is strong and favorite against any lower pocket pair.

Tip: Holding your jacks to the last position especially when the pot is unraised is always a good idea.

Lastly, jacks favor 50/50 against unpaired hands.

  1.  Pocket tens

This hand is quite a strong one giving credit to the fact that you don’t need an extra 10 on the flop to proceed. Also referred to as the “dimes” the tens are sometimes a favorite as the pocket jacks for most players. In as much as this hand is strong, it is always safe to fold before the flop especially when there has been considerable action before you. Pocket tens are a strong choice when placed against any two random cards.

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As they say, Texas Holdem is easy to learn the basics but quite hard to master the strategy. However cliché this may sound, it cannot be any truer. Honing your skills will take time and quite a lot of practice. As far as deciding on the best starting hands, it will entirely depend on your level of skill and type of play to decide on the best one for you. Hopefully, this post has helped you understand the dynamics that go into having a good round at poker and also how to go about different starting hands. Remember, with a good strategy and a little bit of luck and bluff, you will always come out on top even against elite players.