What are live dealer games | Everything you need to know

If you are completely new to online gambling, then there is a high chance that you have never heard of live dealer games. But one thing I am sure of is that you know a thing or two about online gambling. Whether you are a novice to online gambling or want to know more about live dealer games, this is a place to start from. This post will let you in on all you need to know about live dealer games and most likely catapult you to a great online gambling experience. Let’s jump right in!

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About live dealer games

Live dealers are online gambling platforms but with a twist, instead of engaging with virtual dealers, here, you are dealing with human dealers. You get to play these games right from the comfort of your chosen place. The gameplay is rather simple too, the games are streamed to you and play with the dealer on your screen. The advent of live dealer games was met with a lot of criticism with so many people questioning issues fairness, honestly, quite a lot of people were not thrilled with this new idea. Over time, people have slowly developed a liking to live dealers and other online games thanks to the improvement in technology that has consequently paved the way for tremendous improvement in the online gambling scene. One major improvement that happened on the live dealer platform was the ability of players not only to select a game of their choice but also the dealer they wanted on their screen. This was completely new even to other online gambling games and from here, live dealer games began picking up speed.

Games available

If you are an avid online gambler, then it is no secret that live dealers do not have the large library of games that everyone might wish for. This is as a result of the overall cost of maintenance. Live dealer games cost quite more to maintain therefore, for now you have to contend with the available games. But then again, not every game can be on the live dealer platform, here are the popular ones that you can engage in.

  • Roulette
  • Casino Holdem
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack

Playing live dealer games

Before you begin, remember that live dealer games are the closest you can get to the actual experience in a brick and mortar casino. First off, you will need to scout for an online casino with live dealer games on their portfolio. Once this is out of your way, create an account, and make a deposit to your online account. Whether you are using an app or the website, navigate the lobby and look for the live casino tab and select any available table and a dealer of your choice. Just like that a table and the dealer you have chosen will be displayed on your screen. Before the action begins, you will be required to place a bet, and depending on the game you have chosen, you may be one among many players so you have to wait for everyone to place theirs too. Remember, you cannot directly speak to the dealer but they can talk to you. It is quite simple and most of the rules applied are similar to the traditional physical casinos you may have used before.

Live Baccarat

This high rollers favorite was the first to debut on the live dealer platform. Most live casinos offer multi-seat (multiple players) and single players as the main variation to this game. However, there are other variations including, pair Baccarat, Super 6 Baccarat among many others. One thing you must keep in mind is that the rules vary from casino to casino so it is important to be on the lookout for the differences before playing.

Live Casino Holdem

This live dealer card game is different from the traditional casino Holdem game you are used to. To begin, you will be playing against the house contrary to where you play against others in a physical casino. Different game providers, for instance, the Evolution and Playtech provide you with few cards as well as a look at the flop, but once you call, you will also have a look at the river, and also the Turn. Remember, on this online platform, bluffing as a strategy is not applicable.

Live Rouletteroulette

Live roulette is the ideal game for the live dealer casino. Why do I say this? Well this is the only game that once you log in, you can get into the action instantly. Also, among all live dealer games currently available, the roulette is the only game that has every variation on the traditional physical casino available on the online platform. The European roulette is a punters favorite although players also engage in the French and American roulette too. Another notable bonus of the live roulette is that the wheels and tables on both the physical and online platforms are similar, the same goes for the payouts and odds. Engaging on the live roulette has an additional edge over the traditional roulette. Online, you are eligible to engage in play on more than one table at a go and also, you will be able to track your finances and betting history right from the interface.

Live Blackjack

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You won’t miss this game in any reputable online casino. The two most common variations to this game on the online platform are the seven-seat classic multiplayer table and the 1 to many options. The former is quite a favorite while the latter is usually for those die-hard traditional casino fans. One disadvantage of the seven-seat classic is that tables are usually full during peak hours and you will be forced to wait or engage in other live dealer games. For this reason, online platforms are expanding and you can only expect better in the foreseeable future.

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In closing

Live dealers have come a long way and so far they are showing great prospects. With the virtual reality technology here with us, integration to online gambling platforms is only a matter of time. VR will completely transform our online gambling experience and win the battle between traditional and online casino platforms that is already half won. Given the information above, you surely will be able to enjoy your leisure pursuit in the online gaming realm.